Zoning Systems
Zoning Systems
Honeywell developed its first residential temperature zoning systems in 1945. Since then, the market for individual room temperature control has continued to grow, and so has Honeywell's leadership position in the category. For applications from two zones to 32 zones, and for products from panels to dampers to complete system kits, Honeywell is your single-source solution for zoning.

NEW Temperature Zoning Homeowner Video
This short video is designed to use with homeowner customers to explain temperature zoning solutions - watch now.
TrueZone Damper
TrueZone Damper
Simple, easy and effective control.
  • Direct replacement for today's legacy dampers
  • Open and close lights and visual position indicator for quick setup and diagnostics
  • Adjustable Range Stops for consistent bleed settings
  • Push terminals and easy wiring to Honeywell TrueZONE Panel
  • Variety of sizes to meet nearly all applications

HZ432, YHZ432R5108, YHZ432R1108, HZ322, YHZ322R5108, YHZ322R1108, YTH6320R1023, YTH5320R1025
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Wireless Zoning Systems
The zoning game changer.
  • TrueZONE® HZ432 or HZ322 panels are now RedLINK-enabled
  • Add a Wireless Adapter and Wireless FocusPRO thermostats to easily zone a home without running thermostat wires
  • Works with the Portable Comfort Control to conveniently control every zone from one device
  • Works with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor to display outdoor temperature and humidity on all thermostats

HZ432, HZ432K, HZ322, HZ322K, HZ311, HZ311K, HZ211, HZ211K
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TrueZONE Panels
Zoning made effortless.
  • Smaller footprint for installation flexibility
  • Push-in terminal blocks, color-coded labels and flexible wire routing can cut installation time in half
  • Illuminated LEDs visually verify heat/cool and stage of equipment
  • 4 models offer up to 4 Zone, 3H/2C operation
  • 5-Year Warranty

TrueZONE® Bypass Damper
Bypass hassle with truly simplified installation.
  • Significantly cuts installation time by replacing the old weight system with a simple handle
  • Installs at any orientation at any angle
  • Provides constant pressure relief regardless of the blower speed
  • 4 sizes meet the needs nearly all applications
  • Quiet, efficient and reliable

Retrofit Damper
The right damper for retrofit zoning.
  • Universal compatibility - Powered on 24VAC circuit
  • Easily expandable with 2.5VA actuator enabling up to 12 dampers on any Honeywell zone panel
  • Easy Installation with visual position indicator, range stops and manual position adjustment
  • 5-Year Warranty

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ARD Zoning Damper
See the Honeywell damper difference.
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Rugged gear construction and riveted for extra strength
  • Built with a gasket to ensure a proper damper seal
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum position stops
  • Built with gears containing DuPont® Kevlar™ fiber, doubling actuator wear life
  • 5-Year Warranty

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